The Grinch is real


Special thanks to the League of American Theaters & Producers for wrecking Thanksgiving:

The latest round of talks between the producers’ league and the stagehands’ union broke down last night, leaving no end in sight for the strike that has darkened most of Broadway for nine days.

Soon after the breakdown, the League of American Theaters and Producers announced that it was canceling performances of the 27 shows affected by the strike through Sunday.

. . .

The producers decided to cancel the performances, she said, so that tourists coming to town for the Thanksgiving weekend could make other plans.

We’ve had Lion King tickets–hey, no snickering! We have a 4-yr-old!–since August. (What I particularly like about this is that we probably won’t get our money refunded until *after* the trip, since you’re supposed to allow 5-7 days for processing.)


(Update: Wintuk instead.  Hopefully that’ll be ok.  And, to be clear, all our venom is directed at the producers here, not the stagehands.)

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