Addressing the important issues

Dunkin Donuts has too many choices.  I don’t think I’d like to be able to order pizza at a donut shop (though my students tell me it’s pretty good for fast food pizza*).  I like Dunkin Donuts, and we drink the coffee at home.

If I’m at Dunkin Donuts, it’s an emergency.  I need coffee. I’m not likely to have a meeting there, or to work on my laptop for hours, or to have a proper meal, or anything.  I just want coffee.  If I buy coffee, I might also buy a donut or muffin.  Waiting behind someone ordering six complicated coffees, a variety of bagels, plus breakfast sandwiches, is bad enough . . . but now that people agonize over whether to have a pizza–it’s ugly.

Perhaps this is a staffing problem?  Maybe there could a dedicated “coffee [not coffee drinks, just coffee] and ready-to-serve pastries only” line?  Waiting 15 minutes in line at 2pm is not good.

*Possibly the most lukewarm compliment ever.

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