This month’s column: An interview with Mark Edmundson

The October issue of Bookslut is up, including installment 2 of Psycho Slut.  This month, I briefly discuss Volume 1 of the Standard Edition: “Pre-Psycho-Analytic Publications and Unpublished Drafts,” before getting down to the real business of the column: An interview with Mark Edmundson about his most recent book, The Death of Sigmund Freud.  The book and the interview were both fascinating; particularly helpful, I thought, was the moment when Edmundson and I figured out why Freud’s so popular in English departments:

. . . that answer goes quite some way toward explaining why Freud’s popular in English departments… if he’s good on troubles in love, and good on problems with authority…

[Laughs] Because people in English departments suffer all those things!

Read the whole thing !

Next month, Studies in Hysteria, plus a feature-length interview, I think.

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