The cash value of an academic promotion

Via Acephalous, I see that the lunatic wing* of conservatism  still loves to thrash academics & their “six figure incomes.”

It’s a good thing the Chronicle offers actual data, more or less freely available.  For the vast majority of academics, of course, a six-figure income isn’t possible.  (The money’s fine.  But it’s not “six figures.”  And for most assistant and associate professors, it’s well off six figures–frequently below $45K.  And if you break it down by discipline, I suspect that most of the crowd pulling in six figures or more is in the sciences/health area.  The hateful, lazy humanities types scorned by the Phi Beta Cons crowd aren’t making anything comparable.)

Anecdotally, I can offer David French the comforting news that my promotion–one of only 2 I’ll ever get–netted me a grand total of . . . $61 per paycheck.   At this rate, I’ll get to six figures . . . well, probably never.

*”Lunatic” because an essay about middle school teachers becomes an occasion to bash college professors.  Acephalous has the details.

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