Great moments in parenting

A toddler's ranking of our home's residents

Like many 4-yr-olds, the Little Man has rapidly developed a fascination with all things excremental.  As you can see above, if you ask him to list who lives at our house, “poop” beats out “dad.”  Which is great.

This week, he asked me to explain that age-old conundrum, “How does your bottom know when to close after you’re done pooping?”  I explained about sphincter muscles,  and he said, “Mom said that too, but I don’t know about it.”  So, I thought, “demo time!”

I got down a snack trap (from when he was much younger), and showed him how the lid stays closed when your finger’s not reaching in, but it opens up when your finger pushes against it.  He promptly said, “so my finger’s like poop?”  “Yes!”  He was perfectly happy with that explanation, and was confident again in his body’s ability to keep things in their place.

But.  All week since, I’ve seen him pointing randomly around with his finger, and saying “My finger’s poop!”  He also has reverted back to asking for snacks in his snack trap, except he asks for his “poop trap.”

It turns out only *one* of his parents thinks this is funny.

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