Back to School

Today, while running a last-second back-to-school errand, I saw this sign emphasizing the life of the mind: Pro-student drinking back to school sign

Stay classy, Chili’s!

Tomorrow’s theoretically the start of classes, though in the great division of labor A teaches TR and I teach MWF, so I guess there’s one more day still to wait prep the ungodly number of online doodads and tools we’ll be using across my classes this semester. (Moodle, PBWiki,, & blogger, at the start. More later.) And what *are* those classes? Glad you asked:

  • Honors 210: Western Cultures II: Utopias/dystopias (1 section, with a friend in English; here’s the syllabus)
  • ENG 206: Brit Lit II (2 sections; online syllabus forthcoming)
  • Eng 476: The Modern British Novel (1 section; online syllabus forthcoming)
  • Honors 440: Thesis Preparation & Proposal (1 section; online syllabus forthcoming)

5 sections, 3.5 preps. (Honors 210 is co-taught; I’ll be leading units on cyberpunk, Victorian medievalism, and 20thC responses to The Tempest.)

Anything missing? (Oh, right–Victorian literature. Also courses for 1st-year students. One of the things that’s sort of unsettling is that, even with a 4/4 load, there’s not enough time to teach all the things that one would like to teach / could be good at teaching.)

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