Blast that Larry Craig!

It’s a long story, but I have an office off by myself, away from the rest of the department.  The chair of the closest department is a friendly person, and we regularly joke about the relative importance of our departments, what I must have done to move all the way across campus, and the like.

Today, while I was standing in the bathroom, the chair walked up beside me and said, “So, Jason, what are *you* doing here?”

I froze.

After an interminable pause, he said, “I thought you English types didn’t have to prepare for the semester . . . don’t you just roll in the first day and say, ‘here read a bunch of books?'”

I chuckled, half from relief, and said, “*Oh* . . . I thought you were making a Larry Craig joke–‘why are you in the bathroom,’ not, ‘why are you on campus.'”

Praise the merciful gods, he saw that that was a funny misunderstanding.

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