Blast that Larry Craig!

It’s a long story, but I have an office off by myself, away from the rest of the department.  The chair of the closest department is a friendly person, and we regularly joke about the relative importance of our departments, what I must have done to move all the way across campus, and the like.

Today, while I was standing in the bathroom, the chair walked up beside me and said, “So, Jason, what are *you* doing here?”

I froze.

After an interminable pause, he said, “I thought you English types didn’t have to prepare for the semester . . . don’t you just roll in the first day and say, ‘here read a bunch of books?'”

I chuckled, half from relief, and said, “*Oh* . . . I thought you were making a Larry Craig joke–‘why are you in the bathroom,’ not, ‘why are you on campus.'”

Praise the merciful gods, he saw that that was a funny misunderstanding.

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  1. mc says:


    mullah cimoc say usa media just to brainwashing of ameriki people.

    remember him last usa election:

    first him florida congressman foley outing by media for queering the page. but everyone know for year and year him act bad with the children but not come out media until just before election about 1 months.

    then him bush spiritual adviser (preacher from mega church in the colorado spring) get media out just before election and him so ugly and take the meth also to having the gay sex. decent ameriki him to vomit. Purpose: make ameriki thinking this hypocrite and the liar and the perversion and him the bush “spiritual advier” and become symbol of republican.

    this making the love god and obey bible people not to respect him republican and cannot the vote now.

    this the sophisticate psychological media manipulation and not happen by the accident. also this man everyone know for year and year him the sex pervsion but media agent of dem party not planting until just before election.

    him senator larry craig just same. just use by democrat for media control of usa people brain.

    soon all ameriki man be control by woman- like weakling and sissy boy. this so ashame.

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