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At the end of last semester, I was elected chair of a particular committee.  (I had been vice-chair.)  The committee has a two-year term, so I was also up for election to the committee.  Because this put the committee in a tight spot, I asked the elections committee to let me know whether I had been re-elected, so that we could have our officers in place going into the summer.  They said yes.  Huzzah!

Well.  You already can tell where this is going: Tonight I discovered that, oops, I in fact was NOT re-elected to the committee in general, and so, obviously, I can’t be chair.  Talk about your mixed bag:

  • It’s frustrating.  This is going to be an interesting year on this particular committee, with initiatives that are directly related to my skillset, and I won’t really get a say.
  • It’s embarrassing.  It’s not like the committee leadership elections were secret, and so I’d been approached all summer by various administrators about plans for the fall.  (Worse, I may actually have to continue to meet with these people until the committee sits and can elect a proper chair.)
  • On the third hand, hey look–free time!  And lots of it!
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3 Responses to More on service

  1. Frothy McBaldman says:

    You are a better man than I. Were I asked to assume a lame-duck, make-believe chairmanship for the sake of spinning the wheel so a committee could get its act together, I don’t know that I could be quite so civil about it.

  2. jbj says:

    No pseudonym. 🙂

    The thing is, I of course didn’t know it was lame duck at the time–it’s a retroactive lame-duck sort of thing. *Sigh.*

  3. Frothy McBaldman says:

    Even so, I think (at best) I would hand a committee member a folder fulla notes and head for the hills. That of course assumes I was feeling gracious at the moment of the hand-off.

    And eventually I hope to collapse beneath the weight of all my pseudonyms, forcing people to point at me like Donald Sutherland in Invasion Body Snatchers.

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