Another Dickens adaptation

Fleshbot is reporting a new film version of Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist:

In case you were wondering: yes, “Oliver Twinks” is the homo porno version of Charles Dickens’ classic novel, just in case that sad looking waif asking “Please, sir, I want some more” on the promo notice didn’t tip you off already. The movie is the latest release from PZP Productions, the twinks-gone-wild studio who also bought you “BeTwinked”, “Desperate Houseboys” and “The DaVinci Load” . . .

They’ve also got “plot” details and a link to the trailer. (I’d assume this is NSFW.)

(See also: A month ago I wrote about the upcoming Zemeckis/Carrey version of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. Frankly, Oliver Twink sounds more appealing.)

Update:  Via Ed, word of a non-pornographic, (presumably) non-animated Old Curiosity Shop.

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  1. Great Movie! says:

    I just saw this adaptation, “Oliver Twink,” and it was fabulous! I especially enjoyed Dillon Samuels as Oliver and Kyros Christian as The Artful Dodger. Also, Harry Beastt was deliciously wicked as Bill Sikes. It may have been a porno; the campy humor was funnier than most mainstream comedies out there. I give this one 4 snaps!

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