No! More! Class!

Classes ended today; “all” that’s left now is grading, final papers/projects, and exams. But it’s still a moment of relief and some joy. (Why, yes, I did have complex issues in some of my classes this semester . . . )

As a end-of-the-semester treat, then, here’re 3 videos of indie people covering rap songs:

And 2 of them covering r&b songs:

  • The Klaxons, “No Diggity” (via Flawless Walrus on Twitter)
  • and the most well-known on this list, the not-very-much-liked Alanis Morissette, “My Humps

Enough kidding around. (Though see Barrelhouse Magazine‘s blog for a related post.)

The most highly-anticipated album this summer (among, like, reasonable people) is surely The Hold Steady‘s Stay Positive, which will release in the US on 7/15. Thanks to YouTube, there’s no need to wait, at least for live versions:

Unfortunately, the song that seems to be the best live (at least on YouTube) doesn’t seem to have made the album: “Ask Her for Some Adderall.” Here’s hoping they come to CT soon! (I think they’ re actually here today, at Wesleyan, but that’s restricted to Wesleyan students only, alas.)

Ok–back to work.

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