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Alas, there really is no free lunch

In the current issue of our campus paper (here’s a .pdf), there’s an article about a local initiative to explore shifting more classes to a twice-a-week model, as a way to improve the use of classrooms, remove or ease various … Continue reading

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Two perspectives on the academic workplace

New Kid has already posted about Mark Bauerlein’s latest Brainstorm post, “Stop Pushing Yourself.”  In general, if her understanding of Bauerlein’s point is correct, then I agree with her and her commenters. But I understood the post to mean, in … Continue reading

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What is the internet like?

“How can someone get ready to use the Internet for the first time?” “Go to a middle-school chess club, hand out crystal meth & guns.” A handy primer. (Via cassiopeia11)

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In which some earlier writings become useful

The blog Journal to Perplexity has a terrific post up about the movie, WR: Mysteries of the Organism, a Yugoslavian movie from 1971 that takes up the–largely deranged–Freudo-Marxist theorist, Wilhelm Reich.  The post, complete with stills, does a great job … Continue reading

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A much-needed feature

Since we were traveling on Valentine’s Day, we observed it on this past Friday. Our gift this year: We went in together on a coffee pot, which is easily the most important item in our house. Like everyone else, we … Continue reading

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Over President’s Day weekend, my parents took the three of us to Walt Disney World for some quality vacationing with the grandson.  I’m not going to bore anyone with a blow-by-blow account of the trip, but will just offer a … Continue reading

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