Prepping for the season

Hey, did you know that kids like the winter holidays?  Shocking, I know, but I have proof:

  • This is the first year he’s been interested in jumping into raked leaves.  Lots of merriment. (What I particularly like about these pictures is that, in addition to Himself, you can also see the ludicrously oversized house that our neighbors built across the street over the past 18months or so–a house that literally destroyed our single favorite feature about our own house.)
  • We went to NYC for Thanksgiving.  I like these two pictures–one, two–of Himself looking at the Macy’s window decorations the best.
  • Last night, we staved off the horrible “what to do until Mom gets home” hour by going to see the local Christmas tree illumination.   I took pictures, including the post-cookie smirk captured above.

We still have two weeks (!) of classes, plus exams.  Hell, in one class, we’ve got three novels left . . .

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